Approved Funeral Directors in Bottesford

We are approved and licensed funeral directors and as with all family-run companies we are dedicated to providing all types of funeral services along with comprehensive support to the Bottesford community. We offer a compassionate and sensitive service as well as striving to provide an affordable funeral package that meets your needs. A family-run company is all about personalised services and we can assure all Bottesford community members that we offer complete assistance in your time of need. From cremation and burials to secular, Catholic and all types of funerals we are on hand to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

Affordable Undertakers and Funerals in Bottesford

We understand that the cost of funerals can place pressure on you which is why we strive to offer a funeral package that helps you keep to your budget. We will ensure you are fully advised of the cost of all types of funerals and our experienced team of undertakers will make the best possible recommendations in accordance with your budget as well as offering a selection of affordable pre-paid funeral plans. If you have any enquiries about the services we offer our friendly team of funeral directors will be happy to assist you.

Approved Funeral Directors and Services in Bottesford

If you need a comprehensive service from your funeral director you can be sure that our vast array of affordable services are structured to meet all needs. From burial and cremation, selection of coffins and caskets, catering and flowers; to our range of vehicles and the handling of donations we are on hand to provide you with full support. Our beautiful and serene Chapel of Rest is available at no additional cost, should you wish to spend some quiet time in the company of your loved one. Each funeral director is compassionate and patient and will do their very best to reduce the burden of planning a funeral.

If you are looking for professional, family-run funeral company and wish to discuss any aspect of the array of approved funeral services that we offer in Bottesford from cost to secular, Catholic and many different types of funerals as well as the price of prepaid plans please feel free to contact our team of funeral directors who will be happy to help with all your needs.