A funeral to reflect on your loved one’s life

In a time of loss, we have so much to face; not just our emotions but the practicalities of having to plan for our loved one’s funeral and other legalities.

Preparing for a funeral can be difficult and confusing and this is when we need expert advice and support. Price & Son Family Independent Funeral Directors can provide everything you need and are available 24 hours every day.

Price & Son Family Independent Funeral Directors has been open since December 2018. Jason Price is a highly experienced funeral director who is passionate about giving the highest possible standards and service. He believes in giving a caring, compassionate and respectful service to ensure that all your needs and your loved one’s needs are met. Jason has a military background as well as 15 years working his way up in the funeral business and has worked for the Co-op and Dignity. He has experience of every role within the funeral services from casual bearer to working in the Coroner’s office.

He has incorporated everything good he has learnt into his own funeral directors. Price & Son Funeral Directors is based on Castlegate, Grantham; originally the Queen Victoria Institute for Nurses which was established in Grantham in 1901 and two years later the building was opened, as a memory to the Queen, thanks largely to a fund launched by then Mayor Trynor Lynn. The Tudor-style Queen Victoria Nurses’ Home has been sympathetically restored whereby many of its original features are still in situ. 

Queen Victoria Institute for Nurses

The premises have a family room, kitchen facilities, a chapel, arrangement room and offices with the potential to expand. Although the building is 118 years old, it is disability accessible and provides parking at the back of the premises.

Price & Son Funeral Directors is also equipped to care for your loved one on the premises and you can visit your loved one anytime that you wish. Jason has an open-door policy and welcomes anyone who would like a tour and information to call in. Jason stated that “We only have one chance to get it right” and this is what he bases his standards on. He said, “Price & Son can provide a funeral that best reflects someone’s life”.

Jason believes that costs of funerals should be transparent and that Price & Son Family Funeral Director’s website details services provided, costs that are affordable, and support provided including registering your loved one’s passing. The website has been designed so that it is easy to navigate and is understandable. As you can see, the company logo is a hand holding an apple with an acknowledgement to Isaac Newton and also to the care and support given by the business.

Forget-Me-Nots Support Group

Price & Son Funeral Directors run a Forget-Me-Nots friendship group for people who have been bereaved which takes place every Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and is hosted by Jason’s mother. It is a peer led group whereby experiences can be shared, and group members can support one another through the stages of grief. Refreshments are provided, and the group is free and open to everyone. A small donation is collected at the end of each group with the proceeds going to St Barnabas and Cystic Fibrosis. You do not have to book to attend.

Jason will also be running groups to dispel the myths and worries associated with funerals. He has run this group with the British Legion regarding funeral planning which is tailor-made for local people. Everyone is welcome to attend. Details of these groups are on the website.

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