A NEW funeral director has opened in Castlegate

Jason Price, a former Royal Navy gunner, who has worked for several funeral directors including the Co-op and Dignity, has painstakingly restored the Tudor-style Queen Victoria Nurses Home, between East Street and George Street.

He was inspired to enter the profession, following the death of his young nephew and realised how important getting everything right can be.

He said: “I have learned from several businesses in the industry and have taken the best from each.”

The Queen Victoria Institute for Nurses was established in Grantham in 1901 and two years later the building was opened as a memory to the Queen; thanks largely to a fund launched by then Mayor Trynor Lynn.

Facilities included four bedrooms, a bathroom with wc plus more sleeping accommodation on the second floor.

The building cost £836 on top of the £42 paid for the land.

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